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THEwikiStics FAQ
  ...where you can find Frequently Asked Questions towards THEwikiStics and midom's logs!
  1. Question: What do these stats show?
  2. Question: Where does the data come from?
  3. Question: How accurate/reliable are your figures at THEwikiStics?
  4. Question: Why is the sub sorting order Z to A?
  5. Question: Why are soft redirects (#REDIRECT) listed independently?
  6. Question: Are hard redirects (e.g. forced capitalization) counted individually, too?
  7. Question: Are hits on moved pages splitted into different titles?
  8. Question: Is it possible to automatically filter out log spam done by scripts/bots?
  9. Question: Why are there so many Special:Export/... requests?
  10. Question: Why are there sometimes odd pages listed (containing special characters etc.)?
  11. Question: Why are there two different background colours, by the way?
  12. Question: How many unique visitors do you estimate?
  13. Question: Do you round the number of hits per day?
  14. Question: What is planned for the future?
  15. Question: Are there any daily/monthly/yearly logs available?
  16. Question: Why were only the smaller wikis listed at the beginning?
  17. Question: Why are there very small differences between your figures and the ones at stats.grok.se for some pages?
  18. Question: Why all this banners?
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