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Comparison of total server page hits (minus normative bot/script/download/crawl traffic, estimation) for Wikimedia wikis in month 2009-08 [based on 31 analysed days]; counted by the Squid servers. [FAQ: incl. redirects, reloads]; tip, hover figures!
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Based on rough visitor numbers [averages]!
Abnormal non-human traffic can distort the actual amount by up to factor 3 (so, some numbers are too high)!

Example: de.wiktionary sometimes has 320,000 hits but only 28,000 visitors, and sometimes only 175,000 hits but 42,000 visitors!

Hits sorted by number of visitors: Project breakdown:
  1. Overall: 204,646,690 human hits per day
  2. Wikipedia.org: 195,918,968 human hits per day
  3. Wikimedia.org: 3,584,040 human hits per day
  4. Wiktionary.org: 2,560,080 human hits per day
  5. Wikibooks.org: 610,068 human hits per day
  6. Wikiquote.org: 721,359 human hits per day
  7. Wikisource.org: 684,137 human hits per day
  8. Wikinews.org: 280,817 human hits per day
  9. Wikiversity.org: 170,777 human hits per day
  10. MediaWiki.org: 116,438 human hits per day
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